The Cheetah’s Hunting Strategy

The cheetah is carnivorous and thrive on fresh meat. He eats a wide variety of small animals and gazelles his best booty and impalas. Unlike other cats, it’s every day and hunt mostly in the early hours of the day or late afternoon. It builds longer term than the other way when it comes to prey. The beast is built for speed and that’s what it is based, during the hunt. This is a small cat weighs about 36 to 64 kg at full maturity. It kills its prey by suffocation. The trachea of ​​the victim input until it dies. Whether the prey is large or small, she eats quickly to avoid being attacked by other animals, and thus lose a well-deserved meal.

Cheetah facts creeps as close as possible to the desired prey. After about 50 meters from the prey, it will be full acceleration, which is more than 75 mph. These sticks never lasts more than a minute. For the most part, lasting about 20 seconds. Unlike other big cats, cheetahs can hunt more than 5500 meters to 72 km per hour. He has a big box, and use this space with an enlarged heart and lungs, which allows it to reach these incredible speeds. And ‘the fastest animal on earth.

Cheetah facts never eat carrion, or go back to kill. Do not eat the bones and the skin of his victim. The young are taught in six weeks and six months to hunt, the mother brings home live prey to kill them in practice.

Facts about the Cheetah’s Incredible Speed

Polished elegant and slender body weight varies from 100-150 kg Cheetah, and his long body and tail help speed chases. The hair is usually yellow tiny black specks throughout its length. The stomach, like most cats, is a blond. Evolutionary changes that enable the cheetah to produce incredible speed, among other things, with large nostrils, the heart and lungs (which allow a maximum of oxygenation during high speed chases), a large gland (and adrenaline!) Timon, like the tail (to stabilize, and quickly turning to smart, Thomson gazelle) and retractable claws (to provide “grip” on the field during the hunt).

Cheetah speed means that it can bring down prey that the predators, most do not even think about – Springbok is a wonderful by itself, and still can not dodge and a half times the Cheetah. Impala, rabbit, and wildebeests are often preyed pulled down only in pairs. The common approach is to stalk prey and approach as close as possible. When near a stained, Cheetah Chase begins – to achieve 0-100 km / h in three seconds, the Cheetah outclasses most modern cars – capable of 125 kmh feet, seems hardly touch the ground! When you bring down the prey, a powerful jaw muscles enable the cheetah to crush the tube when the wind let the victim’s nostrils to breathe at the same time, so it can hold on for a long time. At high speeds, this ring is also a great hunter, elevating the body temperature to dangerous levels.

Cheetah facts is an organized social structure, with males forming coalitions and women who hunt alone or with children. A large litter born after mating, which continues throughout the year, although a fraction of the puppies to survive, and are often killed by lions, leopards and hyenas. Maturity is reached in one year for males and females of two years after leaving his mother to establish his territory with a range that varies with habitat. Cheetah in fact prefer relatively open grasslands and are not very adaptable to changes in their environment.