Cheetahs Compared to Other Animals

Unlike other big cats, sounds that the cheetahs make are different. It can not roar, but can purr, bleating, hissing, chirping and growl. These sounds can be heard from a mile away. Sounds can be described as “Nyam-Nyam” to feed the cubs, “Ihn-NHI” mothers use to call their young, “purr” like a cat in the house when its playing with cubs, and bleating when in distress. The cheetah can not roar, as it has a single bone of the thyroid in the throat, unlike the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar that have two and may be able to roar.

Cheetah facts are the fastest land mammal in the world. They are definitely built for speed! Their long, strong legs can go from 0-60 mph in seconds. Semi-retractable claws provide greater grip and control. Its huge lungs, heart and nose intake, contributes a large amount of oxygen and exhales a lot of carbon dioxide. Faster and faster in the activities, its long tail helps them balance and make sharp turns. They have flexible spines that works almost like a rubber band, and helps increase speed. As a football player uses the greasy black eye to reduce glare from the sun, the cheetah is also has a long line of black flow from the eyes to the mouth, which helps reduce glare from the sun well and also keeps the focus on animal prey.

Cheetahs are often mistaken for Leopard, because from far away, their spots and color of the fur looks much the same. Look closer and you will see that the two are both very different. Leopards do not have solid spots. The spots on a leopard are in a rosette pattern which have a brown center and a darker outer ring. Leopards are more muscular and have shorter legs. The Cheetah facts has long legs, a small head and slender body. The leopard’s claws are retractable. Although cheetahs claws seem to be fully retractable, they are not, so these animals are considered to have semi-retractable claws.