Cheetah Facts and their Environment

The name of the cheetah facts is used to refer to both men and women. It is a carnivore, and normally feed on fresh meat. His favorite food is gazelles and impalas. It is diurnal, unlike other cats and most of the hunts in the early morning and late afternoon. It relies mainly on other place than the other way while hunting. You’ll find it at the top of a tree or termite mound surveying the countryside in search of new prey. It is recorded as the fastest animal on earth. It’s actually faster than most modern cars. Unlike the females are solitary lions. Once they mature, they move away, but occupy the same territory with their mothers. A female cheetah raises her young alone, and it interferes only with the male during mating. Breeding occurs throughout the year. Female cheetahs are known to be promiscuous and can father offspring of different males. Its life in the wild is about 7 years but can live for over 12 years in captivity.

It is one of the kittens and sometimes it can be confused with the leopard. The cheetah facts male is slightly larger than the female counterpart. It is even difficult to distinguish them by their physical appearance. The social and territorial. He lives in a group of perhaps three cheetahs that are usually brothers. When he matures, he moves away from his mother, unlike the female. It interferes with the females only when their need to mate.