The Cheetah’s Predators

Cheetahs are the most amazing animals. Built for high speed, Cheetahs are the experts when it comes to hunting fast, agile prey in broad daylight. Capable of reaching zero to one hundred km/h in seconds, these cats have evolved to develop a sleek and slim body that helps in their highly specialized lifestyle. Although the long, thin body allows Cheetahs to be fast, this also means that they are lighter and weaker when it comes to conflicts with other large carnivores including lions, hyenas and leopards. Larger animals do not miss any opportunity to steal their kill or kill their cubs.

Cheetahs face threats of others. The most important in recent decades have had conflicts with humans and habitat loss. With increasing human population and development in Africa, cheetahs are increasingly difficult to survive and be normal prey. Consequently, they go after the herds of cattle owned by farmers. This puts them in conflict with people who sometimes make the big cats go into retaliation.

There are a handful of Asian cheetahs in Iran too, and research is being done to keep them in their natural habitat. The need is primarily to better educate the natives, in areas where the Cheetahs coexist with people around the world.

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