Ten Facts about Cheetah’s

1. Cheetahs are the fastest of all land mammals.

2. Cheetahs are in fact able to produce large bursts of rapid speed, reaching from zero to 100 km per hour in less than three seconds.

3. Cheetah’s are often regarded as the smallest of the big cats.

4. Cheetahs facts are different, because they can not purr and roar like other big cats.

5. The cheetah’s claws are partially retractile which allow them to maintain their grip on high speed chases.

6. Cheetahs also distinguish the marks on their cheeks, resembling ‘tears’ that reflects sunlight and give the cat the ability to see clearly over long distances during a chase.

7. Built to kill, Cheetahs have long streamlined bodies such as the rudder and the tail, which will help the cat’s movements and the balance in fast corners during a chase.

8. Due to competition, Cheetahs hunt during the day rather than at night and eat quickly after taking down the prey.

9. Cheetahs usually prey upon gazelles, impala and springboks, and will use the throat bite to crush the victim’s windpipe.

10. While the Cheetah facts have a dimension of great disorder, genetic variation, and conflicts in the larger predators like lions, leopards and hyenas, means that only a small proportion of Cheetah cubs will reach adulthood.